Career in Security Management

Posted on 16 sept 2017 by Elisha Newburn

Nowadays, with the science technological progress the world has not only witnessed but also become used to technology and the advancements. All of the innovations and changes in the world of science have resulted in rather simplified and easy lifestyle. In our contemporary life more and more people are getting attracted towards all the modern tools coming into use and thus, the way of human life has become too easy. Unquestionably, these advancements have certainly made our life better and easy, but not always these tools bring only benefit and satisfaction. That is why a person should be quite careful with the use and safety measures for those advancements. The most important epoch-making discovery ever invented is no doubt a computer. These clever machines which are nowadays often compared with the human brain are the major technology, with the use of which the developments and growth of other tools in the respective field have been possible and successful.

Just like an individual takes care of his property - a house, an apartment or an automobile - keeps it properly locked, uses different methods to protect it for safety, the same ways the technological tools and machines require protection from other different trapping fittings. As it is known, these contemporary techniques have served as an excellent source of information of personal and professional significance, look Nevertheless, a great number of hackers as well as information stealers try to turn it into a source of peeping into the secrets of many other firms, organizations and corporations as well as into the personal lives of the other people. So, it is f enormous importance to fight such safety issues. And in order to provide people a secure and a tension free access to all the necessary online websites and accounts, much work has to be done with the intention to protect other people's interests. The people who deal with the expertise in managing the technological systems of their customers from the security point of view are called security professionals.

As a matter of fact, students in the field of Information Technology have an opportunity to cover security management courses. In order to become a successful security worker the student must thoroughly realize all the latest technological discoveries and developments in the country and all around the world. All the techniques which are utilized and can be utilized in the sphere of Information Technology must be perfectly known to the security professionals. Keen interest of investigating of the whats, whys and hows of issues is very important for future security workers and it can make students surpass in the profession of security management and reach enormous success in the field. Some of the most important qualities which are required by the security managers include pro-activeness and the skill to preserve oneself in accordance with the security standards of a particular organization.

The field of security is subdivided into a number of specialized disciplines or studies. As a matter of fact, in a large organization, a security professional may work full-time in one of the following disciplines, while in smaller organizations, a security professional may require some proficiency in each of them. However, these disciplines may be found in most of the security specialty areas. Some of the options, which a future security worker can choose for career in security management include Career in physical security, Career in information security and career in Personnel Security.

Career in physical security

The discipline of Physical Security emphasizes the protection of people, different kinds of their property, and facilities via the use of security systems, security forces, and security procedures. The representatives of Physical security fulfil a lot of different functions such as supervising patent or contract uniformed security operations, defining security system requirements, evaluating internal and external dangers to assets, and developing policies, procedures, plans, and physical safeguards to counter the appeared threats. Besides, physical security may involve the use of access control systems, alarms, barriers, closed circuit televisions, locks, protective lighting, and other state-of-the-art security technology.

People involved into the career in physical security are the professionals, who protect the ordinary person or any kind of public or private properties. Those are individuals, who with the help of surveillance systems guard many establishments and buildings, for example, airports, colleges, entertainment houses, hospitals, real estate, historical monuments, museums, public transport and others. Such people are greatly dependent on their physical abilities for the protection and guard of the property.

Career in information security

As for Information Security, it deals with safeguarding sensitive information.

During many years information security has traditionally been associated with protection of United States Government and its classified information, nowadays, it can also include contractual information, proprietary information, privacy data, and intellectual property. Besides, information security has to do with issues such as who must evaluate the data and how the data has to be stored, identified, controlled, scattered, and disposed of.

The people pursuing the career in information security are those, who take care of the information or data which is kept in mechanical form in different types of electronic devices or computers. These professionals carry the responsibility for storing and preserving the complete secrecy of the individual and the professional information, which is brought out of a corporation or some personal devices. Such cases can result in chances for the appearance and development of the respective company or organizations. It has to be emphasized that information security professionals are mostly employed for larger and bigger organizations in the country. The information in such companies is saved and stored in a computerized format.

Personnel Security

Personnel Security is another security discipline. Personnel Security deals with ensuring the straightforwardness and durability of an organization's workforce. Personnel security circumscribes background examinations, drug testing, and some other pre-employment screening techniques. To these techniques also belong adjudication of results and granting security clearances and other information access privileges.

Information security systems

The people who deal with Information security systems are the professionals, whose responsibility is protection of the information form which some time ago was stolen or leaked out. Besides, the individuals involved into Information security systems have to support the confidentiality of some particular organization's information. These people are employed to protection the company's database from various unforeseen situations such as those provoked by hackers and different virus attacks.

The career for a security manager is divided into some other three basic categories, than those mentioned above. Those categories include:

v Career in security management

v Career in security operations

v Career in security investigations

Beside the private documents containing company's data and company's internal documents, organizations nowadays are much more worried about their online website and professional demonstration of the information on the web. As a matter of fact, the globalization of the business through internet has become the reason for a very easy access for hackers to involve themselves into the profiles of various organizations and leak out the valuable information. So, the major and the most important responsibility of a security manager is protection his organization's information from being leaked out or stolen, or being misused by some outer sourses.