Vancouver and Ontario Can Boast of the Best Culinary Schools in Canada. Excellent Training and Excellent Career Opportunities for Cooking Arts Lovers!

Posted on 22 oct 2017 by Elisha Newburn

Any industry nowadays requires excellent education in order to build a rewarding and a self-fulfilling career in any field. The business environment becomes more dynamic and challenging with each year, and, as expected by specialists, this tendency should carry on for many years ahead. It is no secret that the beginning of impressive and memorable careers began for many celebrities from the right selection of an educational establishment. No industry, as of today, can be an exclusion from this rule, including the culinary arts industry. Canada, including Vancouver with Ontario, in particular, is equipped with ample number of institutions to suit any variety of students' choices and career objectives, including a culinary school too. In any industry segment, starting from culinary schools and finishing with full universities, a prospective professional will be able to find in Canada some of the best educational opportunities in the whole world.

As far as the establishments and institutions of higher learning are concerned, Canada can boast of many such institutions rated as TOP ones on the world-wide scale. For instance, let us have a look at McGill University. This institution is located in Montreal and recently was entered into Canadian TOP list of the best universities, taking up the twelfth position in that glorious company of the best universities and top schools of the country. The ranking was offered by the prestigious and highly reputable annual Times Higher-QS World University Ranking! The similarly noble ranking was granted to McGill University, when it was placed as the top publicly funded university in the whole of North America. The factors behind the McGill's high ranking are obvious: the school has developed a well-qualified, dedicated faculty, to say nothing about its choice of training programs - about three hundred academic fields. Its academic staff to student ratio is simply second to none. McGill guarantees placement of its students with the most prestigious firms, companies and organization of Canada and other countries, which means the alumni placement demonstrated by the university is exceptional!

If you happen to be interested in a career in cooking arts industry, you should seriously consider Vancouver as the home of some most reputable elite culinary schools. The choice of specializations offered to prospective chiefs is impressive and the alumni placement efficiency is one of the best for Canada. A degree diploma from a good Vancouver culinary school is a guarantee for winning an excellent starting employment position at the best restaurants and hotels of the country and beyond.

Another very reputable establishment for education of food industry professionals is located in Ontario. It is Stratford Chefs School, probably best culinary arts institution in Canada, judging upon opinions of the industry experts. This institution was established over twenty-five years ago and, as of today, the alumni job placement rate is unbelievable: practically 100% of graduate get prestigious employment positions upon leaving this school. As a rule the school enrolls 70 students annually.

One of the specific features of this institution is that it is operated by current restaurant professionals. Such an excellent raining environment for prospective chief is very hard to find not only in Canada, but anywhere else. The curriculum provides in full for training of students in classical and contemporary cuisine as well. The students with a strong emphasis on entrepreneurship are offered the corresponding coursework too. This prepares such students for making business outside the kitchen in future, may be, opening their own restaurants.